Thursday, 13 August 2009

Red Hot Chilli Pepper

(August 12) Today, I cooked a Filipino dish, it’s a very simple dish – Pork Afritada. It tasted right at first but when Kyle poured the sauce over rice on his plate and tasted it, he said “Maanghang” (or hot). When I tasted it, it was hot indeed, then I realized I used a little of what they have here as “sili” (Bell Pepper). Back at the Superstore, I was overwhelmed at the sight of all colors, sizes and shapes of different vegetables - one example is the Bell Pepper. I saw mug-sized bell peppers colored orange, red, yellow and green. Then I also saw smaller and longer ones, I chose a small red one thinking since it was small, it’s not going to be too hot. Now I realized that I made a wrong choice, later I found out that the pepper I picked was of the Jalapeno family, the reason why my dish became too hot. Good thing, we have a Bible Study and get-together tonight, I’ll bring the dish for my new-found Filipino friends.

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