Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Observations in my new environment

Those who would be interested to know more about Canada, you can log in or just type Canada or Migrating to Canada and Mr. Google will list different sites. This post maybe irrelevant to some but it will be helpful to those who just recently landed like us or those interested in what I have observed in the land where I am in now, haha, long introduction eh, but I just want to share the following I gathered in the 10 days I am here:

1. The place is nice, clean and almost close to nature. Abundant trees, clean air, birds and squirrels freely roam around. My kids appreciate this very much.

2. Environment-friendly country. Use of biofuel is encouraged (A bill has been passed to support this - Bill C-33). Waste Segregation and Recycling program strictly implemented. Back in the Philippines, I was part of the team who started the Environmental Management System in my previous employer and I really admire the system here. They really promote recycling and discourage the use of plastics. Imagine you have to pay for the plastic bag you will use in the grocery? Good thing I brought the Toy Kingdom and SM bags here. I wonder who among the mall magnates in PI will start this. I'm glad to see people here carrying "green" or reusable bags.

3. Canadians are really nice. I haven't encountered arrogant or snob ones. Filipino Canadians are special mention because they really help you out as you are just starting. They give used furnitures, baby stuffs, stuff for the home and kitchen or whatever they feel you need. Not just material things, they also give time and help. We went to church last Sunday and in order to get there, our Pinoy churchmate with car seats fetched us. Another neighbor/friend with teenaged children (who also arrived recently) offered to babysit Alexus if ever I need to go out, run some errands or do something at home. Our Kabayans are also our link to our prospect employers. Lito got his job through connections.

4. Transport System here is very efficient. The TTC or Toronto Transit Commission ( links the Subway system, buses and streetcars. The payment is by using a token or Metropass. One thing I remember when I used it for the first time, I only paid once ($ 2.75) from our place and rode 2 buses and 1 train going to my destination (one-way). Wishful thinking, I wonder how can that apply to Metro Manila LRT-MRT and bus links. Sana, sana...haay, hanggang ngayon bansang Pilipinas pa rin nasa isip. I hope I have a magic wand...

5. Advertising here is straightforward. I don't know how the business ethics applies here but I guess this is better so that consumers are informed and have a better choice. In the Philippines, you only see brand X or brand y in advertisements. Example: Brand x (Surf?), me chalk, Tide puro sabon (or something like this, I'm not really an ad fan hahaha) Here the companies are aggressive in their advertisements. Example: BELL'S ad - Get more Rogers for less than Rogers. Bell gives you more TV for $25 less than a month. Rogers is a communications company and a competitor of Bell Canada.

6. There are lots of freebies. Here in Toronto, 2 kinds of newspaper (24 hours and Metro) is either delivered to your doorstep or you can get at any subway/bus station. Just like Libre at our MRTs. The difference is that they are more like broadsheets, with more news and relevant information to read without having to pay anything. So guess where I get the latest showbiz buzz and sports updates when our internet is not yet installed? of course, more meaningful freebies such as education and healthcare are "bundled" in being a resident in Canada.

This is it for now. I'll post again as soon as I have something to add.

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gem (n@w) said...

I still find TTC the best city transport ever. so easy to learn. just north, south, east and west. hindi ka mawawala sa toronto. and you're right, people are very friendly and helpful.

i'm enjoying your kwento. brings back memories of my first year in canada. keep them coming.