Wednesday, 23 November 2016

My boys are growing up fast

My first born Aloysius, also called Michael by his friends become a full grown man after we fulfilled God's law on circumcision this summer.  He is getting taller every minute and the last time I checked, I am only an inch taller than him. 

Kyle and Lex are also growing taller and bigger (Lex).  Gone are the days that I have the influence on their choice of clothes because they have started to have their own 'taste' and to prevent from hearing them say "Mom, that's for a young kid." "Nobody wears Osk Kosh brand in my class",  I just let them take the reigns in choosing their clothes.

Today Alexus turned 8 and he's got his own set of friends apart from their common friends like Lucas, Joseph and Julia.  We usually don't let them attend birthday parties if only one of them is invited so I was surprised that Alexus was able to extend his social circle.  He is setting up his own play date and we will be just be informed on the date and time that his friend will come over. Sometimes the friends would talk to Sharyn and convince her by showing where they live and tell her that their moms would call our house to talk to me. Talk about persuasion, eh?

Here are some anecdotes that I want to put in this blog:

When he was in Senior Kindergarten, I was called to Principal's office because of an issue with Alexus writing (or not writing). He is not fond of writing and just complains a lot when there are lots to write like homework or activities to be completed in their daily planner.  He missed one because he didn't write it. So I went and talk to the Principal, his teacher and assistant teacher.  Oh boy, it was like a meeting with the National team at 33.  Anyway, the Principal asked me why Alexus believes that he doesn't need to write anymore. Apparently, Alexus told the teacher that he doesn't need to learn how to write because nobody writes anymore.  He said "Mom doesn't write, my dad too, and sometimes the teacher just show Powerpoint on screen." He also articulated that he is good at typing and even knows the qwerty finger position (he started using a tablet and computer at 3), so he doesn't need to write.  Deep inside I was so proud of my 5-year old at that time to reason out like that, but of course I assured the Principal and the teacher that I will convince him to write and show him that Mom is still writing.  The Christmas of that year, we signed Christmas cards together.  Update from the parent-interview this year: I asked his teacher if he is writing now and she told me that although the fonts are still big (like from those kids still learning how to write), he is completing all the writing activities.  He still plays the computer and strikes the keyboard better and faster than his mom and dad. :)

They eat more now.  the Kids are pizza and burger fans.  We usually order one burger each but lately, one is not enough for them.  They also order cold desserts even in winter.  Lito thinking of ways to prevent McDonald's and Wendy's from earning more from us, came up with his own Dad's burger, and Dad's Oreo flurries etchetera etchetera and eat them at home.  We also prepare our own pizza, but because they're big eaters now, the usual one round pizza from Delissio or Party Pack is not enough, second or third slices are always expected.   The adults used to have leftovers to eat but lately, we have to put 2 or 3 in the oven because once the tray is put on the table, the pizzas are gone before they even turn cold.


This was Alexus at 2 years old.

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