Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Book Review: No Dragons for Tea (Fire Safety for Kids)

When we were at the library, I heard one of the moms who were there was talking to the librarian and was telling about her daughter a 16-yr old read a book to the kids at the community center.  So it's confirmed I was eavesdropping but I learned that they were talking about this book called, "No Dragons for Tea (fire safety for kids)".  I heard the librarian said "Oh I need to borrow the book and read to it my niece then." After that, I went to the other side of the library and checked the gardening books. When I returned to the librarian's desk to check out the books, I saw that the Dragon book was still there and asked her if I could add it to the books I'm checking out, she said "Of course" and I felt like I won a prize or something. Haha.

So when we arrived home, Aloysius read the book at once and while I was preparing the snacks, I heard him retelling the story to Kyle. I was intrigued and when it was storytelling time for Lex that night, I chose to read the book.  The book is entitled, "No Dragons for Tea (Fire Safety for Kids)" written by Jean E. Pendziwol and illustrated by Martinez Gourbault.  The story is about a little girl meeting and playing with a dragon. Later on, she invited the dragon to her house for tea. But then, when the pepper was sprinkled,  the dragon sneezed and fire got out of his mouth and nostrils, setting fire on the table cloth, curtains and then spread to the house. The book described how the little girl responded to the emergency and showed the dragon the right things to do. Does your child know what to do in case of fire? Fire Safety does not need to be a frightening topic. No Dragons for Tea provides an ideal opportunity to teach children about fire safety in a non- threatening way. Children will pick up lots of safety tips as they follow the dragon and the little girl through the story. But it is also important for children to know what to do in their own home, school, or other places.

Here's the Dragon's Fire-Safety Rhyme that was part of the book:

When the smoke alarm sounds, here's what you should do;
Leave your toys all behind, cause there's only one you.

Get down and stay Low, crawling under the smoke,
Because breathing those fumes in might make you choke.

If your clothes catch on fire, don't run about,
"Stop, drop and roll" till the flames are all out.

Don't open a door if the handle feels hot.
Find another way out to your planned meeting spot.

Even when scared, you must never hide,
And once your outside, don't go back inside.

Go and find this book, children and adults alike will definitely like it.

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