Saturday, 19 April 2014

Aloysius' name is now written in the Book of Life

We watched Toronto Passion Play today.  This is our third time to watch this musical and each time we feel blessed.  This is a very special one because of three things: it's Sharyn's first time, we were seated on the fifth row from the stage (yes, this is the closest) and Aloysius surprised us.  Lito and I had a fight because he didn't want to go because we've seen it twice already and Sharyn might still be in jet lag.  I was thankful that Lito bought the tickets anyway and he chose the 2nd day where the show is not that jam-packed.  Back to Aloysius, I was not seated next to him because Lex slept and I had to support his neck.  I could only see both Aloysius and Kyle clapping and responding to the moving scenes in the play. At the break, the last scene was the crucifixion and Pastor Billy came up the stage.  He asked us to close our eyes, pray from the heart and with everybody's eyes closed, raise our hands if we believe and accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour.  After that, the altar call. Those who responded and raised their hands were asked to come to the front near the stage to affirm their commitment to God's call.  People were starting to come and there were children too. At that time, I was trying to talk to Kyle and asked him if he is understanding what is happening, hoping that he would respond to the call but his attention was in something else. I looked up the stage and I was praying for the people who accepted when suddenly Aloysius stood up and looked at me and he asked, "Mom, can you come with me to the front?" I immediately followed him and I was crying and praying and praising God while we were walking to the front. I prayed for and with my 12-year old and  I felt very happy because he made the decision by himself without any influence from me or Lito (which I was trying to do with Kyle). He was moved by the play and God must have spoken to him even yesterday because we were doing The Bible series marathon. I admire my son's boldness in his faith, I remember not doing the altar call in my first time and only did it when I was revived at the ACCM center many years after I first accepted Christ. Until now, I feel wonderful about this milestone in my first born's life. Thank you Lord for adding his name in your Book of Life. Praise God for a memorable Easter weekend.

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