Thursday, 4 April 2013

It's about time, I update this blog

My friend featured me in her blog and I feel good. It's nice to see someone's perspective about you and Marri's post was exceptional. I love it!  I know she wrote only nice things about me. Those are all true except that it's not all bright and sunny. There are dark areas in my life too and I'm a normal person experiencing the ups and downs of life. The only difference is that when I'm in my darks and downs, I have God with me to strengthen and uplift me. Once again, thanks my friend. Read on...

The new Me, Myself and Irmee by simplymarrimye

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Marri Bermudez said...

You've always been my true friend Irmee... I will never forget those good old days in CES and RHS. We may not have that closeness... but I know in my heart that we have this certain connection that makes a difference.