Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Bird nests in trees- the real fruit

I only remember posting this now but it was already on my mind towards the end of Fall last year when I saw this tree.  Only when the tree is stripped off its leaves, you will see the true beauty of it. The trunk, the branches, the shape and structure - from the roots to the thickness of the trunk, the branches until you see the thinnest stem from where the leaves used to be attached.  I noticed that most trees have nests in them, but there's this tree that has lots of nests in it.  Amazing!

I used to be attracted to trees because of its size, shape, the color and shape of the leaves.  The drive to countryside during fall will make you crazy because this is an opportunity for you to see all kinds of trees and colourful leaves. My eyes were attracted to these trees with enormous trunks, wide branches and fall coloured leaves. I used to believe that a tree is good when it's fruits are delicious, and abundant or when the form and structure is above the rest.  Until I noticed the nests attached to the branches of the bare tree.

Pensive mood indeed when you wonder what qualities of a tree do the birds look for before it starts building the nest.  Will the look of the tree matter?  Could it be the branches, the wide trunks or the roots from where the tree gets everything to grow and bear fruit? Could it be the strength of the tree, to withstand all the elements? Will the tree be able to sustain the nest, even after the strongest of storms, so that the bird can come back and lay eggs again after the young birds have started to fly? 

Now I'm raising the level of my thoughts of the tree from the Purpose Driven Life book by Rick Warren.  It still holds true that a tree rooted to The Source will bear fruits but I firmly believe now that the tree with nests on it rooted to The Source, has more value.  The fruit after it is consumed is gone but the nests become a witness to the strength of the tree and more birds will come and make it home. 

So going back to the tree with more than one nest, I wonder, what kind of tree is it?  How many birds are happily chirping when they stay in that tree, or come back in Spring?

And what about us? What kind of tree are you? When you are stripped off your leaves, will God find nests there? Or Are we just beautiful outside? 
Only God knows.

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