Monday, 20 August 2012

Sharing one of my cherished possessions

In the movie The sound of Music, there was a litany of favorite things that the Von Trapp family sang. I have my own version and one of them is making memories, from planning trips, travelling, taking pictures of the places and my kids, collecting souvenir items and postcards to scrapbooking and making the photo books. Even if the events happened a long time ago, organizing the photos and Journalling bring back the happiest of memories.

My latest photo book was from our Hong Kong Disneyland trip back in 2009. This was our last holiday before we flew to Canada as immigrants. As we celebrate our 3rd anniversary in Canada, It's fun to look back. Here's our Disneyland trip from Summer 2009 - took 3 years to finish. This is for Sharyn too (her first trip outside the Philippines). Enjoy!


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