Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Finnegan Lake Adventures - Summer is not yet over

We headed East this time with the Tuazon's who invited us to their cottage in Peterborough, ON. We were joined by Henry and Violet to complete the Etobicoke Cell group sans Anabel and Ralph. It was a long drive almost 4 hours travel including the stops we did to have coffee and buy stuff at the Apsley town. It was worth the wait, upon reaching the Finnegan Lake and the mala roller coaster ride at the mouth of the place, our kids got excited when we all saw the lake. It was awesome!

After setting up the tent, we had a quick lunch then we all went down to see the lake and test the waters. It was so cold, but then it didn't take a while for our bodies to adjust to the water temp, as long as you keep on moving and swimming, okay na. Sorry na Lang si Kyle who stayed on the ramp/dock because he was too afraid to jump. Lex and Kuya enjoyed swimming and wading through the deep but very clean and clear lake. We could see our feet and the weeds and the trunks of dead trees underwater. Someone told us that it was 20 feet from the dock and it goes deeper as you go towards the center of the lake, Good thing, we were wearing life vests. My children were very comfortable in the water, Sulit na Yung binayaran ko sa swimming lessons nila hahahaha. Even Kyle enjoyed the next day even requesting his dad for another round before the canoe ride.

I miss the hot summer days at the beach where our family always wanted to frolic! The white sand, the scorching sun and blue seas, but it was also fun here, even though the sun is out the water is still cold, what a contrast! If you have been to Bato Resort in Quezon or the Liliw or Nagcarlan resorts, you know what I am talking about.

I don't remember watching the just recently concluded summer Olympics with Lex but I know he may have watched it for sure especially the diving event because while we were at the dock, he told me he wanted to jump and while he was facing me, he started to put his feet on the edge of the ramp then he jump from that position turning around to face the lake until he makes the final jump, all by himself. I was dumbfounded! There was not a hint of fear on his face, That's my boy! After his famous jump, his dad and ninong Henry follow suit. All their pictures on synchronized jumping makes a good material for a TV ad, hahaha. Here's the video of Lex' jump:

Before dinner, we had a nice quiet time at the bench with the very nice view in front of us. An opportunity to have a reflection and think of God's mighty hand and abundant grace. Nature always give me that wonderful feeling and assurance of His love.

At night time, it was not as many mosquitoes as there was at Liebenzell so we enjoyed the night. We had a bible study before going to sleep, it was a very beautiful day.

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