Saturday, 10 December 2011

Sweating hard with Zumba

I got my Zumba Fitness game for Kinect from Lito on Mother’s day but it was only when the Flores came that we were able to play the game and I realized it was so addictive. Kelly was so good and even Tita Lorna danced to the salsa tunes. The following weekend, I tried it myself and I was sweating hard after just finishing the Calypso lessons. Zumba is a combination of Salsa dance, Belly dancing and exercise all in one. Since I am using Xbox 360 Kinect, I needed to follow the instructions and movements to the detail in order for me to win or finish the game.
I took the next lessons in the following days and by doing it for 30 minutes a day I think I lost pounds through all the sweat coming out of my body after the workout. This is timely because I will be eating a lot in all the holiday parties and get-togethers. Oh, by the way, this game makes me fart a lot so I think even the toxic gases are coming out of my body too. LOL!

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