Saturday, 4 June 2011

A Trip to Mississauga

We visited Tito Nilo and Ani in their respective abodes this weekend. Mama and Dadilo were able to view the beautiful houses in the City of Mississauga. A relief from the view of apartment buildings. We had a late lunch at Tito Nilo's and met Neil and Keli there. Afterwards, we visited Ani who is in her 9th month and about to give birth to her firstborn. The night before she went to the hospital but it was a false alarm. We were happy to see her and shared stories with one of the best friends of my sister Wen. Ani wished Wendy to come here too and we talked about them applying here as immigrants because of the new system of processing immigrants now. Only those whose career belong to the Priority jobs like Physical Therapist will have a greater chance of being granted a visa. Later that evening, I asked Wendy to call Ani to give them an idea or encourage them to apply here instead of waiting for the US which is too elusive to them as of now. I got excited but it still the Lord's plan that will prevail so we will just pray for it. It's an opportunity for them esp now that they are expecting twins. Children benefit a lot here in Canada.

We enjoyed our weekend even if it drizzled. Dadilo was especially happy because he got a kiss (beso-beso) from a Brazilian gal hehehe.

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