Wednesday, 15 June 2011

My mini garden and mini Lex

Who says that only those with their own houses and large pieces of land can do gardening? Patio Gardening is an in thing here during summer especially for those who are living in apartment buildings like us. Since I received 2 flowering pots last Mother's Day, I added some veggie plants to go with my hydrangeas and mini roses. Lito and I tried if we had 'green thumb' by planting indoor plants. I wonder if they will grow. I will post the pictures of successful pots. I was hoping that the cherry tomatoes and bell peppers I put in these pots will grow and bear fruit (or vegetables? hahaha)

I haven't posted about my children's milestones in a long time and I guess it's about time that I updated you with my mini Lex who is now 2 and a half years old. He is very agile and his developments both physically and socio exceeded those of his brothers. I think it helped that his older brothers show him the things he needed to do like tidy up, go to the washroom when it's pee time (yes, he learned to pee on his own at 2) and wash hands (use soap and dry them). At his young age, he talks like an adult using the right words or grammar, but sometimes, only he can understand the words he is saying we end up just asking him to point what he wants. Here is my toddler, in his favorite toy with his grandma - Mama Naty.

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