Saturday, 21 May 2011

Kids' swimming @Etobicoke Olympium

My children started their swimming lessons last March and it ended today and we were all happy. Miggy finished ULTRA 2, Kyle and Lex finished their lesson called Guardian with me joining them. Our schedules every Saturday were pretty tight and it's comforting to note that Lito and I have also graduated. Dadilo will take over in bringing and fetching them to swimming lessons in Summer.

I didn't have the photo opps with Miggy and Lex so I have only taken pictures of Kyle but I am proud of them all. Kyle's report card says "He has improved a lot, swimming independently towards the end". I just remembered how Marifi was telling me that Kyle didn't want to listen to the instructor last year. He was always crying or just playing and not following the lessons. But now he can do all the stuff like bob, bubbles, starfish, rocketship and he can float, glide and jump as his entry to the pool. Here are the photos taken with his instructor Andrea and also the video of his starfish (back float) skills. I'm so proud of my Kyle:

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