Monday, 23 May 2011

Front Row seats At Toronto International Circus Festival, CN Tower et al.

Today is Victoria Day and I consider it a victory day too because we accomplished so much. It's Mama and Dadilo's first time to try the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) buses, subway and streetcar when we went to Toronto Downtown this morning. I showed them the route going to downtown as this is where most of the Toronto's attractions are located so that they can go back anytime when Annabel arrives or when we go on a long holiday in Summer.

We stopped at the Museum station and had photo ops there. I found this station the most creative and appropriately designed and because it's holiday today, we were the only ones there to freely pose before heading to Union Station.

We arrived 10 minutes before 11:00 am, the start of the circus events at the Red Path stage so we took photos in the board walk with the lake and CN tower as our background.

The first act we were able to watch was a chainsaw and machete juggler, a unicyclist and a comedian in one:

After the first show which was interrupted by rains, we proceeded to the WestJet stage for the main event. We were seated on the front row and waited for about 10 minutes before the show began. My kids were excited, the first show were from kids as young as Miggy and they were very good. The stunts were amazing.

The next show was another hit, a mixture of acrobatics, opera and comedy in one - so entertaining that we were laughing and screaming for excitement as more challenging stunts unfold before our eyes. Even Lex clapped his hands after each set. It was so eccentric that I realized later that compared to last year, the event is getting better and more entertaining you would want to come back again. Here are some of the videos Lito took from this event. Mama and Dadilo surely enjoyed this. Sa Pinas, me bayad na ang ganitong show at pag front seats, mahal siyempre, dito libre lang :)

More photo opportunities at CN Tower, Union Station and the subway ride home.

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