Thursday, 28 April 2011

New or Resale Home?

We are blessed and God continue to pour out His blessings. Being a God's child, it is a privilege to ask from Him. But it is still His will that prevail in the end. It is our prayer that God give us our own home. I don't know when that happens and while waiting, I'm preparing the list of wants and needs in the house that God will provide.

One of the considerations we have to make is whether to buy a brand new house or a previously owned ("resale") home. Here's a comparison of some advantages to each choice:

New house:
1. Modern floor plans that could include a "great room," bigger closets, more baths, etc.
2. The opportunity to choose upgrades and customize floor coverings, colors and more
3. More energy-efficient insulation, windows and heating/cooling systems
4. The added protection of a warranty from the home builder

Resale home: 1. Existing features, including window treatments and mature landscaping
2. Location -- existing homes are often closer to metropolitan areas
3. Established neighborhoods that provide a sense of community
4. The opportunity to use an existing home as a base to remodel and create a unique property

I think we are leaning towards the latter because of the location. We still want a house that is accessible to public transport and near our workplace. Actually, I'm checking out the houses for sale that I see on the way to work while I'm on the TTC bus and I have this particular one that I'm very interested in - the Sagamore house. Would you believe that I can actually walk from this place to Molson? But for sure with the location, accessibility and the pool, this will not last in the market. It's free to dream so I can just hold on to it in my dreams for now.

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