Sunday, 17 April 2011

Being an internet savvy

I just watched The Social Networking and I was amazed at how Facebook was invented. Actually, I'm so 'bilib' at these geniuses who came up with sites and apps that make people busy with their gadgets. The internet has come a long way and technology is evolving fast. Next thing you know, the app or gadget has been updated even before you try it. I can't believe I am seeing different tablets now, when it was only last year that IPad has been launched and now Apple has the IPad2 version.

I was a graduate of Computer Science but I am not one of these geeks, did not even pursue a career in this field. But I am an internet savvy - from email to blogging, social networking, yes I have it all - friendster, multiply, facebook. I also own several egroups and I am also a member of the online communities in the Philippines and here in Canada. I have a Plurk account and about to try Twitter but did not. I realized that all these will require too much time on the internet and less time for my family and other important things. I can only do some updates in this blog once a week when the kids are already asleep.

It never really occurred to me that I have been addicted to the internet for quite sometime now until I received an email from Yahoo today. It said my yahoo mail is 13 years old now.

Thanks to Yahoo and the internet, I learned a lot and still learning because it will never end - the influx of information from the clicking and scrolling of pages in all the available gadgets. I can't wait for voice activated commands because my CTS is also not ending.

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