Saturday, 9 April 2011

Seeing Disney Cars up close

My kids are Cars fans. I remember Cars was the first movie that Aloysius watched in theater. Kyle became a fan too and started collecting everything that is Lightning Mcqueen. Lex has watched the movie with his brothers a million times and until now they can't get enough.

Last Friday morning, they were shrieking when they saw Mater on Breakfast TV and I was intrigued to find out what they were excited about. I too became excited when I saw Mater and Lightning McQueen on TV especially when the newscaster announced that they will be on display at Vaughan Mills Mall this weekend for a closer look and photo opportunities. The Disney Cars 2: Agents on a Mission is the latest movie showing this summer and they are starting to promote it. I can see that this is going to be another big hit as there was already a long queue when we arrived at the Nascar Speedcar entrance to the mall.

We were parked in front of Statefarm's (the sponsor for this event) own version of Mack and we got excited we forgot to bring the stroller, hahaha. It was fun seeing them up close and although we didn't have our pictures with each one of them. The long queue leads to the Disney official photographer and if we lined up it would take us another hour before we have our pictures taken. We just used our own camera, saves time and money :) Here are our video and photos of Lightning Mcqueen, Mater and Finn McMissile:

On the Parking Lot with "Mack"

Lightning McQueen up close

Mater on the far end

"Look Dad, Lightning is on my shirt" - Lex


Jade said...

hanggang kailan ang car show ng cars? and where?

Jade said...

hanggang kailan ang car show ng cars and where?

Irmee said...

Naku Jade, I'm sorry now ko lang nabasa ang comment mo. Yung exhibit was until April 11 lang at dun lang din sa Vaughan, Ontario. Ni hindi man lang nilagay dito sa downtown Toronto. But I'm sure magkakaroon din sa ibang major cities pag malapit na ang showing ng Cars 2. Anyway thanks for the visit.