Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Tips for a first-time skier

It's so hard for me to learn this sport. Maybe I'm not young anymore and my reflexes are too slow. I will try again to finish the lesson and practice so that I will enjoy it more. It just happened that I fell a lot of times that I only got scared to falling all over again that I didn't master my first skiing. Anyway, here are some tips for those who are interested in learning the sport:

1. Position yourself in a forward manner, where the legs are too close or touching the upper ski boots. But don't stoop too much, this position or standing in erect makes you fall.

2. When walking uphill, walk like a duck. The feet in V position, lift the legs and the ski, then walk the way ducks do.

3. When skiing or walking downhill, you tend to move faster and the way to slow down is to put your feet in A position or opposite the V. The way to do it is to bring your heels outwards. Using the poles will put you to a stop.

4. Turning to the left or right is the same way in #3. The only difference is you put one heel outwards to go to your desired direction.

5. The way to get up from falling down is to use the poles in unlocking your ski boots from the ski and stand up normally. You have to remove the ski first so that you can get up easier.

6. This last tip is what I always miss - always look to the direction where you are going and not on the ski so that your position will not make you fall down.

Finally, before and after skiing, do some stretching first to prepare your body and reduce pains.

Happy skiing (and falling) :)

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