Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Praying and our last Winter Hirit

I am reading the emails of co-nawies in our online community and I was amazed at how prayer works in some of nawies' lives. Truly, God listens and answers our prayers not only in crisis because that's when most of us really pray hard but in our day-to-day walk with Him. The power of prayer lies in the fact that it's based on a relationship, not on the weight of what's being asked. All prayer matters to God because it flows from the heart of someone he created and loved dearly.

I prayed to God for the sun everyday when I'm walking on the way to work. I love that moment, my prayer time with God. He continuously gives me warmth in the coldness of the day. Now the sun is shining but wind chill is still here. I pray that God will keep the snow for next week because we are going skiing at Ski Snow Valley in Barrie.

I can't wait to post our first skiing adventure here. In the meantime, I will keep on praying because everyday is an opportunity for a sweet communion with God.

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