Sunday, 16 May 2010

Early Summer @ Ontario Place

The sun is up and shining bright and so off we went to Ontario Place. Once again, the day is for the kids. Most of our time was spent lining up for their preferred rides. One ride is approximately an hour of standing and waiting in line. The park has 5 main areas with different themes but we lingered in Market Place where most of the kids' rides are located. Miggy and Kyle had a blast at the Cyclone Speedway and the inflatable slides. Miggy was so patient lining up in the Power Wheels Track, imagine staying in line for more than one hour! If you could just see how excited he was when he finally sat on the green T-Rex ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) and all smiles too while passing by other riders. When he parked the vehicle, he was raising his arms as if winning the race, hahaha!

Kyle had his moment in the Hoops Zone where he practiced shooting because the height of the court is for his age. Lex enjoyed running around in the trail near the lake and the yacht yard. With his ninang Wei and Ninong Jason running after him, I had my time too - posing in one of the yachts with the perfect word / name of the boat to describe me - Motivated :)

We had lunch picnic with Lito's officemates and their families on a hilltop overlooking a lake. very relaxing place, the swans added to the serenity of the place. The cool breeze coming from Lake Ontario added to an afternoon nap mood but the kids couldn't wait to go to the ride, no time for shuteye. We missed lots of attractions - the "Imax Theater", the Atlantis Pavilions, the world of weather and the adult rides which I wanted to try. We hope to be back here again in Summer.


a boy's mom said...

looks like you had lots of fun! :)

Irmee said...

Malapit na rin kayong makapasyal dito, mag-eenjoy din kayo :)