Monday, 6 April 2009

Spongebob weekend

I saw the Meet and Greet Spongebob poster in SM last Friday and it was an opportunity for us to go malling again. Like other meet and greet, we were asked to buy the character items and it's a good thing it didn't ask for a minimum amount unlike the Mickey Mouse (asking for a disney item worth 300 minimum each). I bought 2 acid-free dimensional stickers for my scrapbooking and a hanky to have that photo opps. Anyway, since we arrived at 5:00 pm and the show starts again at 6:00, we went to Toy Kingdom and Storyland and hopped into the Train for a tour around the mall. Before the show started, there was a color Spongebob game and a question and answer on the Nickelodeon show. Aloysius knew the answer to every question but hesitant to raise his hand because he said he was too shy to come up the stage and tell his name....waaaahhh kanino kaya nagmana ito? His brother Kyle was the opposite, too hyper and eager to join the games when he is not yet allowed (most of the contestants were aged 5-7). He cried and only stopped when I let him go up the stage at the side. when Spongebop and Patrick showed up the stage, crowd cheered, children including mine became excited and were happy to meet these two characters. Kyle said that he was overwhelmed when he saw Spongebob up close. I brought the camera with me but due to excitement, the shots were not clear, good thing the official photographer captured these shots:

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