Friday, 3 April 2009

Moving out of shit

Haay, I've been busy with work lately and almost forgot to update my blog. I just wished I had devoted my time in paidblogging na lang instead of letting myself be a victim of office politics (you know, not participating in the "you scratch my back, i scratch yours", or "eating somebody else shit and stepping on somebody to eat this shit to be on top"). What's annoying is that that somebody just squeeze in the creative juices from me and uses that for himself. The nerve to be asking me to reply to the messages with his signature GRRR. Is the corporate world really like that? I should have known. I thought the clause 6.2.2 applies to this company, yeah right but the true competent people are there already covered with shit. Anyway, I just wish I can get out of this shit soon and move on.

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