Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Alexus' milestones and time to shop

Alexus' Milestones

1st month - Smiles and recognizes his name
2nd month - opens and closes his hand on separate occasions
3rd month - laughs out loud and eats his feet
4th month - turns over on his own

Alexus will be turning 5 months tomorrow and I'm proud to say that he's advance for his age. He can already crawl like a snake and lifts his upper body using his two arms - what a strong boy. Now, we can't leave him on the rocking bassinet or "duyan" not even on the bed alone because he can move from one place to another in a flash. We already have a playpen but this is still being used by his elder brothers. I'm considering buying him a convertible crib/bed so he can move around without me worrying. There are plenty of Nursery Furniture on the internet but I found a shopping paradise for babies and toddlers where I have lots of choices. The site also provides buying guide and comparison on different kinds of cribs. What's amazing is that it shows you the price range, perfect for budget-conscious mothers like me.

Most of Alexus' newborn clothes are now small for him, sometimes he looks like Winnie the Pooh. I guess it's also a good time to change his wardrobe. I wonder if we can move to Canada this Spring so I can already buy him spring clothes.

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