Sunday, 1 February 2009

What a weekend that was..

Every weekend is a family reunion and we make it a point to enjoy the 2 days in between going to work and school (for Miggy). Last Saturday, we went to Pixie Forest to play at Tom's World and try the rides. It's also Candy's first time to try the rides, good thing Miggy and Kyle were there to join her. As usual, Kyle played basketball, and Kuya played Shoot the villain, Miggy is really good in shooting for his age. I hope it's not because of his playing his imaginary gun. Even if I told him that doing that is wrong, I still see him using his fingers to fire people, haay. The outcome of me playing counter strike while he was in my womb :)

Today, we went to Mall of Asia not inside but just outside, in the Manila Bay breakwater to watch the sunset and let the children play in the park. We were there for only a short time but the kids enjoyed running around, playing the scooter, and trying to make themselves wet near the fountain. To my parents and the non-kids, being there just enjoying the cool breeze and the refreshing sight made our day. This is what we came there for. (taken by my sister Wendy using a point and shoot camera)

My two sons in the gym walker turned swing:

Enjoying the fountain (Kyle ang dungis from running):

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