Friday, 13 February 2009

Romantic Movies you like to watch (all over again)

Since I will be alonely this Valentine's, I will have to celebrate heart's day watching my favorite movies. Here's my list of romantic and feel-good movies I'd like to watch all over again:

1. Nottinghill
2. The Lakehouse
3. Message in a Bottle
4. You've Got Mail
4. Sleepless in Seattle
5. My Best Friend's Wedding
6. Runaway Bride
7. Somewhere in Time
8. Wedding Singer
9. Fifty First dates
10. Serendipity
11. An Affair to Remember
12. Ice Castles
13. The Cutting Edge
14. Forever Young
15. Ghost
16. It could happen to you
17. Pretty Woman
18. City of Angels
20. Autumn in New York
21. Only You

You will notice that most of my favorites are from my era and starred by the same people -> Julia Roberts, Drew Barrymore, Meg Ryan, Richard Gere. I still remember their famous lines in these movies. Although some of these movies ended tragically, the love story is truly remarkable. I'll just sit infront of the TV as if sitting in Greenbelt theater with Lito as I have seen most of these movies with him in our younger years (naks, feeling old na talaga)

What about you? Do you want to add to my list?

Happy Valentines!


"Q" said...

Agree with your list sis. Here's a few more:

Definitely, Maybe
Ever After
Never Been Kissed
Pride and Prejudice (BBC and Keira's)
Sense and Sensibility (BBC and Emma Thompson's)
Sabrina (Audrey Hepburn)
The Holiday
Love Actually
Bridget Jones Diary

"Q" said...

Oooh forgot to greet you, Happy Hearts day!

Irmee said...

Thanks for your list "Q". I haven't seen Pride and Prejudice but I have read the book.

I must add to my list other Aubrey Hepburn favorites:

Roman Holiday
Breakfast at Tiffany's
yeah, Sabrina is a nice one too

anna said...

Agree with Q on Pride & prejudice, The Holiday, Love Actually & Bridget Jones' diary

and definitely agree on your list.. just an addon on lang...

Jerry Maguire (Tom & Renee)
Sweet November (Keannu & Charlize)
A walk in the clouds (Keannu again)
The Mexican (brad & Julia)
Meet Joe Black (Brad again)
Moulin Rouge (Ewan Mcgregor
Down with Love (comedy romantic -Ewan again)

Belated Happy V-day :)