Sunday, 27 March 2016

5S - a lean management tool

Now that you know the different types of wastes, one of the ways to eliminate waste is by doing 5S. The first place to start streamlining the value stream is in the work area. 5S is a powerful approach to improve the work area through organization, arrangement and cleanliness. I introduced this to my kids a long time ago and it is timely to do it again now that they will have to do most of the tasks and not only being shown how it is being done.

This weekend was a perfect opportunity to apply this concept to my kid's clothes to eliminate motion and time wastes. When I asked my kids if they still remember the different "s", I only heard them say 2 (Sort and Shine).  Today, I asked them to sort their clothes so we can get rid of the small and unwanted and give to someone else. One of them found this life hacks video and applied the new way of storing the clothes in their drawers - by rolling and showing it like this:

Aloysius being an OCD like me, even arranged his shirts with a pattern - plain to stripes, light colored to dark (see above).  I told them that these steps of arranging is the SET IN ORDER phase of 5S.  Alexus followed suit and arranged his clothes too. He has a different pattern too - drawer for school, for home and for sports.

The following are the 5S:

1. SORT - removing the irrelevant or unwanted things in the area
2. SET IN ORDER - a place for everything and everything in its place
3. SHINE - Sanitize or clean
4. STANDARIZE - Is everything doing things the same way?
5. SUSTAIN - is it only for a time being? or continuous?

As always, it was exciting to teach my kids these concepts because I know they will benefit from it.  But I don't want to give too much information so I stopped at 2 S at this point.  We will have more opportunities in the future.

For now, Mommy is happy with the spring cleaning and our version of 5S.

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