Saturday, 9 August 2014

Adding value to others by adding value to self

Two years ago, we had a team building exercise that focused on our "colours" or personalities.  The seminar is called "colours insights" and it was very good. I thought I know myself that well but after the exercise I learned more about my colours and how others perceived me.  One of the major characteristics of my dominant colour which is "Blue" is that I'm detail-oriented. I like details, I also like to write and plan. I like to continuously improve and learn, receptive of feedback and use that to improve. I will get bored with repetitive tasks and it's true. I'm glad that what I'm doing now is not that repetitive and exposed me to different people, handle difficult ones and helped bring out the "Red" in me which I lack.

The second dominant colour is "green". This is the "I Care" colour. These traits tend to focus on the emotional side of me.  It always look at how I'm feeling instead of being objective. This has both the positive and negative effect.

So that's me, my personality, the traits I have based on how God created me to be. Maybe there's more. Remember we are created in God's workmanship.  When God talked to Moses to lead His people, Moses said he can't even talk straight, how can he do that? There is nothing impossible with God.  Our colours can change depending on how you want to develop. If you need more "Red" - the GO-getter, then you have to brush up on leadership skills, if you want to have more "Yellow" - the encourager then you need to speak up more, engage in interesting conversations, listen and talk, not only listen or be a wallflower.  Our colours will increase or decrease depending on how we put our energies to it.

It takes something to be somewhere. We need to invest in time and effort to be wherever you want to be.  Like what I said, if you need to talk more, express yourself not only in writing but in speaking to crowds, you need practice. Start with how you answer a question, it can be more than a yes or no, or in asking a question, use an open ended type so that the one you are speaking to will not reply with a nod but he too will keep the conversation going. If you both ask or reply with a yes or no, the talking will eventually die. The conversation will end in an awkward situation.

Attend a class, volunteer. The more people you are exposed to, the greater chances of you having to talk to more than your family members or close friends.  Not only will you learn more in a particular subject, your network of acquaintances will also expand.  Doors and windows of opportunities arise.

Learning (and reading) has lots of advantages, it widens your vocabulary which you can use in conversing. You become interested in new things, you will become more interesting to others making you more comfortable because you know about something and will be confident to contribute.

I was just recently promoted as Training Specialist and these are some of my observations from those I've dealt with regards to training and improving one's self.  First, those who are resistant to change will not progress.  These are the proud, complacent, the know-it-all, the closed minded people.  Second, those who are humble, open-minded, knowledge-seeking and change-embracing individuals will have a long way to go upwards.  I said upwards because they will continue to learn, to excel and perfect their craft and they move to the next level.  These people are not afraid to take risks, not afraid to fail because they believe that even if they fail, there will be another chance for them to correct and improve.

So where does a value-added individual comes in? First what does VALUE mean, it could mean low value or high value, like quality, lo or hi-quality.  What do we usually buy? The high quality because we know that it lasts longer or has more to it than the regular.  High quality means high value, remember what Louis Vuitton and Hermes are known for?  High value! But because of their high-quality, the consumers bank on that, they consider it an investment. 

Add value to your self - be that humble, open-minded, knowledge-seeking and change-embracing individual. Learn a new craft, find out how to improve the way you work, attend classes, read a new book, learn a new language and join enriching activities.  Along the way, you will find yourself sharing what you learned and your deeds mean something to another. Before you know it, you as an individual makes a great impact to your workplace or community by giving something of value because you are overflowing with it.

Don't waste your time with just something, invest in more valuable habits, it will add value to you and to those around you.

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