Monday, 21 July 2014

My youngest is no longer a baby

Alexus is turning 6 this November but he still sleeps with us and I sometimes call him baby names. Lito is always reminding me to stop because it will not be helping him to become independent. During our last trip, it was his first time not to co-sleep with us because the room had 3 beds for kids and chose to stay at the bunk bed. He even made his bed the morning after. I am so proud of my sons. Lex surprised me when he didn't get scared at all the waterslides we rode especially the more thrilling ones like Canada vortex and Wholly Mammoth. He even wanted to try the Niagara Rapids Fun - the rollercoaster ride. I think this is the point in a mom's life that you will finally say goodbye to baby talks and baby names. My Lex is turning out to be a fine young boy who keeps on amazing me, his dad and siblings.  I remember the time when I rode the Texas Giant wooden rollercoaster at Six Flags when I was only 2 months pregnant with him. Maybe that's where he got the idea of being more adventurous because he experienced that while still in my womb, hahaha.

I still watch him sleep at night and whisper his baby names to him while he sleeps. I thank God for my baby.

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