Sunday, 30 March 2014

Tips for Sleepy Kids

My 5-year old Alexus is a sleepy kid. His teacher was always telling us that when it is storytelling time in school, he would sleep or sometimes before the bell rings, she will find him on the couch sleeping. Dadilo used to carry him from school because he was sleeping and so with our new friend fetching them, she would always see him doze off the moment she puts him in the car. I found this tips from one of the newsletter from school. I think this will help me and other moms with sleepy kids like Alexus:

Did you know that the average 3 to 5 year old should be getting 11 to 13 hours of sleep, and the average 5 to 12 year old should be sleeping 10 to 11 hours?  Some helpful tips for ensuring that your child is getting enough sleep include:

1. Make bedtime the same time, every night.

2. Make bedtime a positive and relaxing experience without TV or videos. According to one recent study, TV viewing prior to bed can lead to difficulty falling and staying asleep. Save your child's favorite relaxing, non-stimulating activities until last and have them occur in the child's bedroom.

3. Keep the bedtime environment (e.g. Light, environment) the same all night long.

4. With your child, visit: This website is designed for children and helps teach them the importance of sleep. It also has activities for them to do when they are struggling with sleep, and information for parents.

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