Friday, 14 February 2014

Today is a special day!

It is Valentine's Day, It's Flag day tomorrow and Family day on Monday, but there's another reason why I am wearing Red today. This is the day we became Canadian Citizens.  This morning I didn't go to work to focus on this special occasion of my life.  It's actually a major milestone for our family.  We've come to Canada as immigrants four and a half years ago and how time flew fast.  I was teary eyed when a short film was shown about Canada and how blessed we are to be part of this country. While taking oath, I was teary-eyed too because I thought about my mother country, the Philippines.  It's sad because It's not only that I have left it physically but I am now pledging allegiance to the Queen and my new country. Anyway, I know someday my kids will realize why and I hope they will be thankful too that we've chosen to move to this richly blessed country. May we embrace its glory and richness. May we take every good opportunity and enjoy all the perks of being a Canadian. Thank you Lord for this blessing.
My kids skipped classes today and went with us to take the oath.  We want them to experience this so that they would appreciate this big milestone of our lives. When we stepped in a full-house court room, they were all eyes on my boys because they really dressed up for it. The Court's clerks who were facilitating the ceremony commented about my cute children.  When we were called in front to receive our certificates, the Judge commented about my children again, their unique names and how happy he was to be exchanging Hi fives with them. The Sergeant said, "Too bad for mommy no girl". What I liked most was when he commented, "Thanks for wearing red today. Is that for Valentine's day or for Canada?" I replied, "For both."  I was happy that my online order came in at the right time, the day before the ceremony.  It was a very special day indeed not only because of our being new Canadian Citizens but also because we all looked and felt good. :) Our pictures tell them all:

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