Saturday, 1 February 2014

ROI - Return on Investments

One of my son's weekly tasks is to water the plants.  He once asked me why did he have to do that, the plants don't die anyway.  Being a smart kid, he asked what value will he get from watering the plants.  We always taught our kids to be purposeful in what they do and try to find out the value of it. I just told him, "When you water the plants, you are like feeding it to grow and bear fruit or flower.  Do not lose hope. If you don't see it now, you will still see something out of it later on."  After our talk, I think he didn't do it regularly that's why one pot of the indoor plants died.  He realized that the plants die if "not fed".  Learning his lesson, he continued to water the plants and he religiously did it. We were just surprised one day when he called from the basement and excitedly said, "Mom the flower bloomed and more buds are coming out!".  I told him, "See, that's the fruit of your labour, your ROI! The time and efforts you spent were not futile after all." My son looked happy and I knew he will now be inspired and looked forward to more ROIs. 

What's your definition of ROI - return on investments?  Is it money you earned from business investments?  or the good grades from "sunog kilay" nights? is it not yet getting married after graduation? From where I came from, especially those who have many siblings, it is expected that the first one to finish will send the next sibling to school until all of them graduates.  It could also be the OFW working miles away, adjusting to culture change, the extreme weather or terrible "homesickness" just to send money to their families.  The OFW hopes that the ROI would be children getting good education and the family having a better life. Sometimes the ROI of a suitor pursuing a girl from spending money for a date or spending time hanging out or just texting would be to receive the anticipated "yes".  It varies but one thing's for sure, it is something to hope for, something out of an investment - can be money, time or effort. 

My mom tells her friends and her relatives that she's already receive her ROI. She's frequently asked what did you do to your children? You don't look like you have problems with them. You've got beautiful grandchildren and your children are abroad enjoying good life.  She tells them that she is thankful to God and until now continuously prays for our welfare. I think that's how she got her ROI, and I will also follow her. I vow to spend time and effort in bringing my children's needs to God, to pray for them, spend quality time and I hope that I will also receive my ROI and my efforts will not be futile.

Looking back and thinking about the people I've met, I now think of ROI, how did I spend time with them? is it worthy to get something out of that even for a little time?  what about the words I said, or the deeds I did?  Thinking more profound, for them to think about God's goodness and forgiveness and salvation, i think they are not enough. I hope I will still have a chance to give more, spend more so my ROI will be worthy of God's approval.  Like my son's plant, I hope a flower blossoms too.

What about you? Your ROI - to your family, to your community and to God?

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