Saturday, 17 November 2012

Reaping what was sown

I admit I didn't spend too much time teaching my kids at home especially when it's also a workday for me.  Here in Canada, working mothers are expected to balance the time spent for the husband, kids, household chores and other errands because there's no household help. Our mornings are crazy - from waking them up, to eating breakfast and trying to make them wear appropriate clothes for the weather.  Sometimes I would shout so loud that my voice is heard in the whole neighborhood trying to make the three boys listen.

Lately, the kids were comparing Progress Report Cards and I couldn't help but smile.  It was also a parent-teacher interview this week and what a revelation. First, I got excited upon seeing my second son's teacher, she looked like Pippa, so gorgeous, can't take my eyes off her LOL! We had a nice chat. She told me nice only good things about Kyle. He really is very good with his handwriting, it's like the model's, straight and in-line, almost the same as what you see in books as patterns. He was a perfectionist that each time there was something off, he would erase it and start all over again. Pippa said that sometimes he gets frustrated and cries because he doesnt want to make mistakes. An opportunity there.  He was also recognized for his nce drawings and the teacher asked me if there are artists in our family hahaha. Pippa showed one of his drawings and another book which looked exactly the same.  I told her about my eldest who is also an artist and wants to go to the Etobicoke School of the Arts in Grade 9.  Pippa knows Aloysius because of him being a bright boy (he graduated with Honors and Best in French in the same school last year) and also being one of the kids who were called in office for a little misbehaviour they committed - yes, I consider it not being popular in a good way (notorious?) Anyway, because Kyle was Pippa's student and she was excited to tell more about his progress, we talked more about Kyle.  She said he was almost perfect for him and an advance reader for his age.  The average reader's level for his age bracket is only 6 but Kyle is on level 14.  He is now starting to read chapter books like Hardy Boys (inspired by his brother, and mother hahaha).  Like Pippa, I am so happy to hear about all these.

My second interview was with Lex' teacher.  She was Aloysius' teacher before so she told me that she already knew that Lex was a bright boy.  She explained that Lex is a good leader, makes friends easily and firm.  He would sometimes say no if he doesnt like to do stuff and  would later join the group.  He wants to play rough with the boys and sometimes makes the girls cry (I hope this doesn't happen in another way when he is older).  He is always sleeping in school and sometimes gets tired easily because of his energetic behaviour.  There are some things to improve but not really significant because he is still too young (only 3 years old when he started school) and adjustment will come later. The  teacher said that all the things she mentioned are nothing compared to the sweet and thoughtful ways that Lex expresses.  She said that every morning, Lex would hold her hand before going inside the room or if she is not outside while they are waiting in line, he would go and find her in the room and greets her "good morning".   I feel so proud of my baby.

Lito and I went to Aloysius school together and met another gorgeous teacher.  I feel like I'm in Hollywood, hahaha.  As expected, Aloysius gets excellent remarks from the teacher. He really stood out from the class because he is only 10 years old and already in Grade 6 and joining the advance class with the Grade 7.  What's unbelievable is, he is also making presentations and teaching these grade 7s.  Lito is so happy because he said that that is the least thing he would do to stand in front of a lot of people and speak. I couldn't believe it either but the teacher said that he is confident, knows the subject very well (French - he took Extended French at Briarcrest)  and articulate.  My kind of boy...following Mom's footsteps and exceeding, he is starting early eh!  His social skills are also improving and the effort done on every homework are recognized as well-thought of and brilliantly executed.  If it were not for the bell ringing and the PA system telling us that it's wrapping up time, I wanted to hear more success stories. But I guess they can wait till the next time. The hours spent with reading, math exercises, Picollo in between the videogames paid off.

I can only say is that my prayers are heard and my God is an awesome God.  Establishing a good and regular study habits at an early stage is something I can give as a tip for parents with children struggling with school.  Let them cultivate that habit and when the time comes that you will have less time to spend with them, you will be confident that they will become successful because you have planted the seeds.  A little watering will do in checking and reviewing them every now and then. But also don't forget to pray and seek God's help.  Our children are God's gift and He also wants the best for them.

Here are some of the comments from the Progress Cards:

Aloysius Miguel responds to challenges with a positive attitude. He follows daily routines and instructions with no supervision.  He strives to carefully complete assignments and homework on time and uses an agenda to record what needs to be done. He observes, questions and explore options before starting to work.  Excellent marks in all learning skills and work habits

Achilles has adjusted to the rules and routines of the grade one program. He approaches new learning situations with confidencs and enthusiasm.  He completes all assignments conscientiously, paying careful attention to detail and with a high level of organization. PE, Drama and Music are the only subjects marked Progressing well, all others Progressing Very well.

Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from.

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