Saturday, 10 November 2012

BHAG and BHAP (Goal setting and prayers)

BHAG is a corporate buzzword. Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal. We set goals to improve continously. Since I belong to the department in charge of continuous improvement, goal setting- meeting and exceeding them is one of our normal activities.

To come up with a plan to be successful in reaching the goal, it is important to follow these guidelines: PBANR

1. Determine the PURPOSE -ask yourself  "why am I making this my goal? What is it for?"

2. Consider your BASIS - these are the numbers or statistics that can help you in setting the goal.  What was the earnings / savings last year? How can I increase profit? Based on last year's consumption, What months can I start conserving electricity?

3. Develop the ACTION PLANS - List down the strategies in meeting your targets.  Use Visual strategy, display reminders to keep you focused on your goals.  Think of the roadblocks, things that prevent you from meeting the goal and stay away / prevent them. Be mindful of the tasks you need to do, list and review frequently. Raise the awareness levels, use checklists.

4. NIKE - Just DO it! Do everything to keep you meeting the target, once you reached the goal, move on to the next higher level, exceed the expectations and be successful.

5. REVIEW the results, see how far have you come. Exceed, repeat the cycle.

Now for a Christian who believes that God answers, goal setting and prayers are used interchangibly and the power of Divine intervention works.

BHAP - Big, Hairy, Audacious PRAYER is something every Christian need to have in order to keep and increase faith in God. We know that God is a gracious God and whatever the prayer is, as long as God wills, it will happen. Mr. Wiersebe, the author of the book "Pray Big" mentioned in his book, the story of a Pastor who always pass by a land in his hometown and praying for it to be the site of their new church until the land was awarded to him and eventually became their church.

PBANR guidelines are applicable to BHAP but enhanced to fulfill God's words:

1. PURPOSE - Is it fulfilling the "Great Commission"?  What is the impact of my prayer to others?

2. BASIS - What does the bible says about my prayer?Based on Scripture?

3. ACTION PLAN - Pray, Read God's words, visual reminders.

4. NIKE -Just DO IT! Attach all actions to Goals, Purpose, BHAPs.

5. REVIEW - Is this what God wants? No Answer, maybe there's another and better answer, WAIT.

Here are other pointers:

SHARE / Find a Partner.
STARTS WITH ME. Change in lifestyle. "You are a new creation, the old is gone and the new has come."
If you can't pray, PRAISE.

We are reaching the end of the year and God answered most of our prayers.  But as we look forward to the coming year, we can start setting our goals for 2013 following the guidelines above.  Take our prayers to the next level by making it our BHAPs. 


WHILE PRAYING                      WHILE WAITING

READ God's words                       READ God's words
BELIEVE                                     BELIEVE
DECLARE                                   TRUST
OBEY                                          OBEY

Maligayang Pasko and maraming answered BHAPs sa bagong taon!

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