Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Running with the Giants - a book review

I've been reading so many books but this is my very first time to write something about a book (in my blog and voluntarily, I remember the countless book reports I did). It's my dream to write my own book and I wanted to write something like this - a book about God, something that inspires and give practical tips about life in general without the use of highfalutin words.

The full Title of the book is "Running with the Giants - What Old Testament Heroes want you to know about Life and Leadership". John Maxwell is a best selling author of leadership books. His readers are mostly of management calibre and those who are called to become leaders. I was hesitant to read his books at first because I thought it doesn't apply to me because I didn't have a "position" anywhere. But I was wrong, his writing style is so good that you will feel that he is talking to you face to face without qualms, as if he is not a John Maxwell. God used him to help readers like me understand and face life's challenges and win them. I can't wait for my children to read this book.

First, the size of the book is so small. It's hard bound but so handy that it's easy to bring anywhere and put in a bag. Second, the words John used were simple but full of impact. Inspiring and makes you feel excited every time you will move on to the next chapter. It's like reading a novel but with the biblical truth. I want to put here what the giants gave as words of encouragement to us. Honestly speaking, I didn't know some of the bible characters here until I read this book. You could also use some browsing in your old testament. Be inspired!

Noah - "One person can make a difference"
Esther - "God has a place for you"
Joseph - "Don't give up on your dreams"
Moses - "Live in the faith zone, not in the safe zone"
Rebekah - "Give generously to others"
Abraham - "God always does the right thing"
Nehemiah - "No problem is too big when you have help"
The Servant Girl (Naaman's) - "One small act can make a big difference"
David - "You can overcome the limitations others put on you"
Jonathan - "Strengthen a leader and save a nation"

As I am writing this, I browsed the book again for the Discussion Guide and reflection portion. The book can be a guide to a bible study and the practical application of the lessons learned are endless. If you could get a copy or borrow from the Library, please do so and start reading. As Pat Williams (SVP, The Orlando Magic, NBA) said "This book is to be read, savored, applied and then shared with others."

God bless John C. Maxwell and the readers of this book. Be blessed!

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