Sunday, 13 May 2012

Mother's day is different every year

Mother's Day should not be the only day to appreciate and greet our mothers. Everyday is an opportunity to thank them for bearing you, taking care of you and your children. Kiss and hug them often and most of all, thank God for them so that they will always be blessed and loved. Praise God for all mothers!

My kids surprised me with their cards. Here's one from Aloysius, I was so touched by his message, our travels (and shopping) paid off...hahaha!

"Dear Mom,
Thank you for doing the great things you did to me. Thank you for helping me with my homework when I needed help. Thank you for giving me what I need when you go shopping. Thank you for cooking for me when I need to eat so I would have something to eat. Thank you for taking me to new places and making me see the awesome tourist attractions like in Washington DC, when I got to see Abraham Lincoln. I like how you sent the postcards from those different places. Thank you for everything. I hope you enjoy this Sunday. Happy Mother's Day!"

Here's the card from Kyle and the picture I took when the big flowers bloomed. Both he and I are fond of flowers, that's why his card is full of them:

Here's my message to all moms:
Happy Mother's day to all mothers..reminisce the moment you first became a mom, the first cry of your baby who changed your life eversince. Hats off to you for bearing that pain in giving birth and bearing the pain that motherhood brings. There is also fullness and joy in being a mom. The journey is exciting. I love being a mom. Three times a lady.

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