Sunday, 17 July 2011

Midlife - Half empty or Half Full?

It's my birthday on the 18th and I am so excited. Nothing fancy planned. I just wanted to reach my actual birthday and meditate on the goodness of God. The lifespan of an individual is more or less on the 80's and I'm so happy that I've reached halfway. This blog is a record of the ups and downs of my life and I could say that I can't ask for more because I'm blessed. Maybe what I can do is to upgrade my life insurance. And I could start looking for life insurance quote. My needs and lifestyle now are different from the time I got one 20 years ago. I could consider browsing for life insurance types to learn more about investing and making sure about having something for the kids in case something happens. I learned a lot from Insurance Information Exchange and I'm sure you will too. Careful planning and execution is the key to life's success and it doesn't hurt to be ready especially now when I'm in the middle part of my life.

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