Friday, 11 June 2010

Back to the Corporate World

I can't believe that my first week at work has passed. Because I signed a confidentiality agreement, I cannot disclose my employer or anything related to my work here. I would say that I've been blessed, my colleagues and superiors were supportive and gave me a warm welcome. I was given a welcome kit containing promotional materials which old employees didn't get. The only downside is my travel time, it's a total 12 hours that I am not here at home so you could just imagine how tiring it is to commute. But I don't complain, I'm just worried that I may not have quality time with my kids but I know that that will change when we move near my workplace. My first few days were spent attending orientation, trainings and meetings which I missed with my old employer. It feels good to be back, time to make my neurons work, learn, grow and move up...I'm glad I'm up to the challenge of going back to the corporate world. Beer, anyone?

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