Monday, 23 May 2016

Reunited in London - meeting long-time friends Day 5 (Liza)

After I heard the news that I was going to UK, it only took me a few seconds before I contacted my friends based in London.  I was so excited to see two of my closest friends - one is my high school very close friend - Lalaine and my college buddy Liza, both have been in London since their kids were babies. My trip planning was easy because they recommended the attractions I needed to see. This extension of my business trip is already charged to me so I have to scrimp on the spending and as we all know London is one of the most expensive tourist destinations in the world.

Since I already did some touring around the City on my own and with the Sandeman tour, Liza brought me to the places I need to have my photo taken.  The highlights were the changing of the Royal Guards at Buckingham Palace, our Tea time at Harrod's and the rainy photo shoot at the Tower Bridge. She was as excited as I am as we were about to reach Buckingham Palace, we had to find a good spot in order to see the changing of the Royal Guards up close and we were successful.

After being entertained by the marching guards, we walked around to see Big Ben and Westminster Abbey. I had a good time teasing Liza about fearing that we might get lost and her opting to ask for directions, which I disagreed because I had never done it. I relied upon my map and instincts and thank God I'm always able to find my way.


My photos at the Big Ben reflect my happiness as I have a photo in one of the icons of London. Liza and I traveled towards east of London and have caught up with our stories and updates during the long trip. When we reached their place, I was in for a gastronomic surprise prepared by John. I had ginataang alimasag, pakbet and maja blanca for late lunch and early dinner. So busog! I met my godson after more than 15 years I believe and boy was he so handsome and so tall. Liza was saying he is an independent boy and working hard to finish his studies. I'm so proud of you, Nathaniel!

We went back to the city with their little girl - Christine Faith (same age as Candy) and had photo ops at London Bridge or Tower Bridge. It was short lived because it rained hard and we were really wet. Our next stop was at posh Harrod's to have some afternoon tea. This is the only time I remembered to bring out the flat doll that Candy sent me to take pictures with while I was on tour. I had our only picture together with candy's new friend Tin. Heading back to the Victoria station to claim my luggage, it took us longer as it is now rush hour - tubes and stations were so full of people.

My one day with Liza was not enough but both of us had nice stories of God's love, provision and faithfulness in our lives. That is enough for us to be reconnected as we were not only college friends but also sisters in Christ.

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