Thursday, 31 December 2015

15 for 2015

Over the years, the events in our lives will come and go but  the joys and good memories from the experience stay in our hearts or so I thought.  When Dadilo was diagnosed with a brain tumor and he told us that a big chunk of his memory got lost,  I think that there is a possibility that anyone may have memory loss.  It is more painful than any physical pain to have forgotten some important details in our lives.  So while we can, we need to cherish and feel the joy of being with our families, explore the places we never thought we will set our feet on or simply breathe and live the blessings and favors that God bestowed upon us.

Here is a snapshot of our family's travels for 2015:

The year 2015 was special because of the many events that happened in my life.  I usually would list top ten events but this year I have 15 for 2015:

1.  I successfully completed my Project Management Certificate at University of Toronto.
2. Lito and I renewed our marriage vows a day before my 47th birthday.
3. Mama and Dadilo returned to Canada.
4. My sister Wendy and her family (Carter, Candy and Carlisle) visited us in Toronto.
5. We travelled to Niagara Falls, Ottawa, Montreal and Old Quebec City.
6. High School "Besties" and our families had a reunion - Joy and Carlyn in New York.
7. Our original bible study cell group had a reunion and our families are growing bigger.
8. I took driving lessons and still learning how to drive.
9. My career is doing well and hopefully moves to the next level.
10. I got hooked on "Aldub" and admires the moral lesson in courtship and friendship it promotes.
11. My kids have grown taller and are excelling in school. Aloysius moved up to High School.
12. We had a "no snow" trip to Blue Mountain Ski Resort this winter.
13. Aloysius had a one day work experience at Molson through the Take your kids to work day program and he enjoyed talking to my Managers, Directors and peers.
14. Kyle won in the Art Calendar contest.
15. Alexus celebrated his 7th birthday with a Minion Party attended by his classmates and friends.

Thank you Lord for these wonderful memories. May you continually bless us this new year.

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