Friday, 23 May 2014

Book Review: E is for Ethics

E is for Ethics by Ian James Corlett

I have read and shared a list of things that Money can't buy on Facebook. I got it from somebody else's wall and I was thankful because it reminded me that these are really important and they can't be bought by any amount of money.

Last Week, Kyle and I returned some books to the library and he asked if we could borrow again, I said yes, provided that he will also choose a book for his brothers. I ended up getting one myself because I was attracted by the word "Ethics".  The title of the book was covered by the library's sticker that's why it was not clear if you have not looked closely. I was happy to have found this book. It is very timely because of the fast times and rapid change in technology, People just want to go with the flow, no one wants to touch the subject of right and wrong anymore.  Parents being the first teacher of a child should and must fill this gap.

The complete title of the book is  E is for Ethics: How to talk to kids about morals, values and what matters most.  The book contains twenty-six simple, clear, original, and entertaining stories for you to read aloud with your child.  Our family has a routine before going to bed and this is reading a book, it could be from an actual book or something online like Bookboard. We read this book every night before my sons sleep. They look forward to a new story because even if the characters are the same, the situations are different.  I think they can relate to some of it because the situations are familiar.  We have more stories to read, not even halfway through but we enjoyed the lighter and fun side of the ethics in every story. Even if we finish, I think I will need to buy our own copy so that we will continue to read this once a week to be reminded of all the ethics and values we've learned.

We already read stories about Honesty, Understanding, Forgiveness, Courage, Tact, Perseverance, Politeness, Loyalty, Gratitude.  Big words, right?  Well, the book described situations where the characters (young children like mine) faced and how they dealt with it or how it should have been handled. While I was reading, the back of my mind is telling me that some of the people in my workplace need to read this book too.  I for one learned a lot from reading the stories. Applicable to young and old alike.

After each story, there is an opportunity for a discussion on the subject.  Questions and what-if -you-are-in-same situations added were designed to give a chance for the kids to apply what they have learned. There is a short commentary and quotes from famous individuals.

The author believes that children need training, reinforcement and respect for ethics. He thinks that this book is a baby step in the right direction. I strongly agree. I hope you can grab a copy soon.  Your kids deserve to be read with valuable books like this.

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