Saturday, 23 November 2013

My youngest is now 5 years old

I can still recall the scene before I gave birth to Alexus.  I knew I was already 6cm dilated when we went to the clinic.  Yes, I gave birth to a lying in clinic because I am hospital-phobic, if there is such a word.  With my first 2 pregnancies and deliveries, I didn't want to spend time in bed while in labor.  Just lying there makes me feel the pains more,  I wanted distraction and movement.  So when I was doing Alexus, I was watching TV while standing up.  I remember the doctors and nurses were already calling me to lie down on the bed and I said, "Sandali Lang Doc, tapusin ko muna ang CHIKA MINUTE" (Please wait a minute, Doc. I just need to finish a showbiz news).

They were laughing and said, you are about to give birth and you are prioritizing showbiz news? After a few minutes I was lying in bed and pushed till I heard my youngest and biggest child (weighed 7.5 lbs) cry. Thank God for the safe and simple delivery. Now I can just laugh at the thought of the moment before Alexus came out. CHiikaaaa minute! No wonder he is a very talkative boy.

How time flies. Where did the five years go? My OT-OT is not a baby anymore. He is turning into a good looking heart throb boy. No more cute, but guapo! Hehe. Happy 5th birthday Alexus Mitchel Castillo.

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