Thursday, 20 September 2012

Survivor Philippines 2012 et al.

Today, I was greeted by many of my officemates telling me that they have watched the pilot telecast of the Survivor: Philippines 2012 last night.  I didn’t get a chance to watch it but I assumed it was shot in the Caramoan Peninsula, the same location where Survivor-France and Bulgaria versions were taken.  I feel proud and I wanted to find out how my country was shown. I didn’t like how it was shown in the Bourne Legacy, although it was the true representation of our country, mas maganda pa rin ipakita yung magaganda di ba?  For those who were not  able to see it yet, here’s the video version:
I’m proud that I have been and seen those places, Mayon, Tarsier  monkey in Bohol, Caramoan – WOW Philippines talaga ! Indeed, very beautiful! Something happened though.  I was speechless, I didn’t know what to say when they asked me, your country is very beautiful, why did you choose to migrate here?  I just shrugged and later on told them, I didn’t like the tropical weather.  Now as I am contemplating, I realized that I have not been patriotic - leaving my country and chose to live in a foreign land. We are now applying for Canadian Citizenship after 3 years of stay here and that thought added salt to injury.  If it were not for corrupt government, abusive leaders and selfish, undisciplined people (mostly, I’m not saying all), I could have stayed and raise my family there. I have not given up on these, I always pray to God that there will be change for the better.  I believe that there is still hope and a bright future on my country - the Philippines.   Now, seeing the video motivates me to come back and visit.  I miss the beauty of the places on the countryside, the noise of the city and the smile of the people too. God willing, I hope to see my family and friends soon.

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