Sunday, 10 June 2012

A Kid's must-watch series

If you like to talk to tomatoes,
If a squash can makes you smile,
If you like to waltz with potatoes
Up and down the produce aisle -
Have we got a show for you!

Veggie Tales, Veggie Tales, Veggie Tales, Veggie Tales
Veggie Tales, Veggie Tales, Veggie Tales, Veg-gie Tales

Broccoli, Celery, Gotta be, Veggie Tales!

My kids received their very first veggie tales DVD two years ago and eversince it became their favorite children's movie series to watch. They watched it during our long trips to the US and every time we go to the kids church at Queensway. I highly recommend this to parents with young children. Not only will the kids be familiar with the vegetables that they are supposed to eat, but also the stories are about God --biblical stories that are kid-friendly. The plot are always simple and the words are encouraging and inspiring to a child's point of view.

Example of titles:
Babysitter in De-Nile
The search for Samson's hairbrush
Sheerluck Holmes and the Golden Ruler -a lesson in friendship
Big river rescue-a story about kindness

Would you believe that I found the queen Esther story here very interesting that prompted me to read the bible version? Like my kids, i fell in love with the veggie tales characters. They remind us about the virtues that everyone should learn and practice, not only for the kids ha. Bible verses are always emphasized so that kids will remember them. They also teach the children to pray because they also ask the kids to pray with them. The biblical truth is taught to our children at an early stage and what a great confidence for a parent like me to be assured that they are not exposed to superficial stories like what the mainstream stories and songs suggest. The songs, sometimes called The Silly Songs are funny but with substance.

I hope all the parents out there will get a Veggie tales movie soon so they can relate to what i'm saying and their children be blessed. You can learn more at

Like what they always say, "With God's help, we will all be victorious." Victorious in bringing our children to God.

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