Sunday, 11 March 2012

Spring Break in New York

Taking a hiatus from work and blogging while on vacation in Irvin and Faye's place in Long Island, NY..Our new nephew is so cute but we go crazy when he cries. At the time I am writing this, he has improved a lot, God must have listened to our pleas. The kids are having a blast just playing video games, watching tv, eat and sleep but, we still find a study time before sleeping to remind them that the school is waiting for them when we go back home. Our other activities include walking to the park, to the mall to eat hotdog and yogurt in Ikea..mas mura ang hotdog dito 50 cents lang. We also watched a 3D movie, The Lorax ksi $7.00 lang hahaha. Cheap ko talaga. Window shopping at the mall, and hopefully shopping at the outlet Mall in Tanger. LOL! Thank God for this precious time to rest, to spend with the kids and the new member of our family. Pictures here:

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