Thursday, 2 December 2010

Amazon Kindle E-Reader

I am a fan of technology. I’m amazed at how the new mobile phones look like and the features they offer. Although I can afford to buy one, I’m still holding on to my money (hoping that I’ll get it as a Christmas present hehe) because I am enjoying the Blackberry that I am using and also this new E-Reader that Lito bought in Kijiji. Unlike other E-readers, this one is so light, so thin and the pages look like paper. The backlighting is bright enough and there’s no reflection while browsing the pages of your favourite e-book. You can even adjust the font size depending on your preference. I wonder if others have that feature too. Battery life is longer too. Anyway, for a price of just over a hundred bucks, this gadget is a must for book lovers like me.

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