Thursday, 12 March 2009


Francis Magalona has made an impact in the Philippine music industry particularly in the RAP segment. His songs will forever be remembered. My favorites are "Kaleidoscope World", "Cold Summer Nights" and "Mga Kababayan Ko", the latter was among his songs of patriotism. Francism is not only a trend but a culture of true patriots that Francis wanted us Filipinos to embrace. He has a clothing line called 3 stars and sun and the designs of the shirts depict the Philippine Flag. When I watched his wake on TV, I'm sure he and his family were happy to see that the fans who went there also wore the 3 stars and sun shirts. I wish that our "kababayans" fulfill francis' dream to embrace the true "francism" >> love and respect to God, to one's self, to others and to our country - The Philippines.

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